Soulman Guitars was created to provide affordable, well-made, custom guitars for the guitarist in all of us, whether you are a beginner or a professional.  All guitars are designed in Canada, crafted in China and sent to the company’s headquarters in Winnipeg where they are inspected and set up ready for shipping. Because we only build 6 guitars of one design style at a time, we ensure that what you receive is truly a collector’s item and an all-around professional instrument.    

Ron Lamoureux

This is a Soulman Thinline AP-70.  Only six were created for the world market. They have been shipped and will retail for $699 including hardshell case.  Stay tuned.  We’ll let you know when they arrive.

Head of DESIGN & Sales

Soulman Natural Blue

Single Coil & Humbucker

Soulman Natural

Single Coil & Humbucker


Soulman Clientline - Create Your Own

If you have an idea for a guitar design, send us your sketches or photos and a brief description of your wishlist. If it fits within our company’s vision, we can create it for you at an affordable price.  We’ll highlight your guitar on our web site in the Clientline section and we can provide our community and visitors with your contact information if you decide to sell one or two of your guitars.   

Imagine. Collaborating with designers and craftsmen to build a guitar that you’ve always dreamed of. Send us your sketches. We’ll get back to you with wood choices, colours, timelines and costs.  Once in a lifetime.

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As you well know, not all guitars are created equal. In the past few years, I have found that many of the so-called professional guitars were not of the highest caliber. Furthermore, many highly sought-after guitars were out of the reach for the working musician and average consumer.

As a result, I decided a few years ago to craft guitars that were affordable yet designed well, sounded great and were easy to play. However, producing these custom guitars in North America was and is too costly.  The average custom-made guitar without hardshell case runs in excess of $2000 USD. 

So, I sought out companies overseas that could build the guitars for less. I was lucky enough to find a company that could build the guitars to my specifications and was meticulous about the workmanship involved.

Although the pickups and hardware in our guitars are well-designed, many of our clients have opted to add their own choice of pickups once they’ve received the guitars. Those who have done so have noticed that the routing is as professional as any high-end instrument.

Most Soulman guitars sell between $499 and $699 USD with hardshell case. What makes us so unique is that only 6 guitars are made from each design, so they have become true collector’s items.  Some of our signature guitars sell for more as they are designed as a single original instrument.

You save money because you order online. There are no retail outlets. You choose what you like on our website. After we’ve had a chance to look it over and set it up, we deliver it to your home or office.

I’m having these guitars built because I believe there is a real need in the marketplace. It’s also gratifying for me to have a guitar crafted based on an idea or concept I could only dream of as a young musician. As a potential client, you have that same opportunity. We can build the guitar of your dreams at an affordable cost.  Just contact us for more information and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

And check out our website on a regular basis. We often offer some of our instruments at a reduced price.

Ron Lamoureux

President, Soulman Guitars